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Prioritising self-care for caregivers and family members of cancer patients

Written for and posted on The Other Clinic's LinkedIn and Web page February 2023

The Singapore Cancer Society shared that an average of 44 people were diagnosed with cancer every day between 2016 – 2020 in Singapore. However, a cancer diagnosis does not only affect the life and wellbeing of the cancer patient but also has a big impact on the caregivers and family members supporting them through their illness.

This #worldcancerday, we would like to acknowledge the unsung heroes. Caregiving for a loved one during cancer treatments takes an immense amount of strength and dedication. It's important to remember that your mental health matters too.

The Other Clinic's Counsellor Bjørg Plougmand who works closely with patients facing chronic illness, grief and loss writes about self-care tips for caregivers to prioritise their mental well-being while caring for their loved one.


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